Kingfisher on lake in grounds of Exmoor, self catering cottages.

Both Lorena and I have now seen a Kingfisher at the West Withy Farm Lake in the grounds of our Exmoor, self catering cottages.  It has been at our lake for about 10 days now but so far we have seen just flashes of vivid blue.  We will try to be prepared with a camera for next time, but the kingfisher is so quick, the skills of a sport’s photographer are needed.  How’s that for a sighting, Dave?

Exmoor National Park Wildwatch 2015 has asked for sightings of rarer species to be logged with photographs if possible.  Included on the list are cuckoos, kestrels, red kites and kingfishers.  We will submit our sighting to Wildwatch when we have taken a photograph.

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