Seb Jay gives stargazing ‘skytour’ for Exmoor, self catering cottage guests.

Seb Jay of Dark Sky Telescope Hire and author of Exmoor Dark Skies gave a stargazing skytour for guests staying in the self-catering, holiday cottages at West Withy Farm on Exmoor last night.  Guests began at 10pm. by viewing the moon though Seb’s telescope.  This was followed by a tour of Saturn in the southwest sky using the telescope’s 25mm lens for the rings and a 10mm lens for Saturn’s moons – particularly Titan.  Then the tour went ever outwards including the constellation of Cassiopeia and the Owl Cluster.  A tranquil Exmoor evening was interrupted with gasps as stars were viewed through a telescope accompanied by information like ‘the light you are seeing began its journey to your eyes on earth, 7,900 years ago’.

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