Our Facilities

Here are some of the facilities that you will find outside your cottage door and in the grounds at West Withy Farm.

But first. here are the things you will not hear (and smell) – cars, planes, trains, pneumatic drills, loud voices (except your own).  Just silence interrupted by bird song , running water and perhaps laughter.

Our nearest neighbours are about 1000 meters away – you can just about see their house.

Our Cottage Gardens

  • All our cottages have a large, private, lawned gardens
  • There are garden tables and chairs for relaxing
  • Cottage gardens are fully enclosed for dogs – there is no need to put your dog on a lead late in the evening
  • Cats and Tortoises have also been guests
  • Cottage gardens have viewing points to stand a telescope
  • Gardens have bird table / seed for feeding birds
  • Cottage gardens are perfect for relaxing and star gazing
  • Gardens also have clothes drying facilities

Our Grounds

  • Our land totals 23 acres and there are 2 acres (equivalent to 2 football fields) around our cottages
  • Our cottages are about 200 meters from the nearest lane – a lane more used by horses than vehicles
  • Many areas of our grounds have colourful planting
  • Our grounds have sculptures to view
  • There are many bird nesting sites particularly for swallows and sparrows
  • There is a viewing platform to site a telescope with excellent all around viewing.
  • Our night skies are very dark – there is little light pollution here.
  • There is a large grass area for games – football, rounders, french cricket, badminton
  • Spectator seating has been created in the banking

Our Relaxation Area

  • If you want to get away from it all, go to the Relaxation Area
  • It is sheltered from the wind.
  • It is covered and there is a banana seat and table
  • There is just the sound of running water from our springs  and bird song
  • Go in the morning with a coffee and a book and just relax


Our fresh water springs also feed our lake which is home to ducks, geese, and visiting waterfowl. It is stocked with various species of roach and rudd, some of them large / breeding

Our Lake

  • Fed by fresh water springs and surrounded by trees, mostly willow
  • The lake is stocked with rudd and roach – the perfect place for beginners – granddad with grandson
  • Home to our geese and Muskovy ducks  (Iggy)
  • Our lake attracts lots of different wildlife
    • 15 breeding pairs of swallows
    • breeding wild mallard
    • breeding moorhens
    • visited by heron, kingfisher, goshawk, canada geese etc.

Our Fields and Animals

  • Sheep graze in our fields – there are new born lambs in spring
  • Our hens lay eggs and younger guests feed the hens and find their eggs
  • We grow seasonal vegetable which younger guests can pick
  • You will also meet our cats, our dog, geese, and Muscovy duck

Turnout for Horses

  • We welcome guests with horses – there are 20 acres of pasture for turnout
  • There is a field shelter, if required
  • haylage is usually available.
  • Our stables are rented out to racehorses, so there is usually expertise available

Storage for Cycles

  • We welcome cyclists whether road or off road.
  • We provide a barn to store cycles over night
  • There is also a cycle washdown area

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West Withy Farm - Daisy and her very newborn lambs - March 2013 Stag party taken from Relaxation Area, West Withy Farm, looking east. March 2013 Spring flowers, West Withy Farm, Exmoor View of Lake, West Withy Farm, Exmoor Our smallest cottage - West Withy Farm West Withy Farm - Ducklings on Lake Canada Geese are frequent visitors to West Withy Farm lake Geese on Lake, West Withy Farm, Exmoor Summer colour at West Withy Farm in July 2013 Summer flowers, West Withy Farm Relaxation Area - West Withy Farm Stunning sunset in the snow at West Withy Farm. Taken Jan. 2013