Exmoor – mushrooms



Exmoor – mushrooms.
So many mushrooms at our farm on Exmoor during autumn, this year. This is our seventh autumn at West Withy Farm and it has been by far the most prolific for mushrooms.

The photo shows the largest that I have seen – about 12 centimeters across (5” in old money). It was in our grounds – close to our lake.

But the variety of different mushroom types has been staggering. There have been all shades of ‘brown’ from cream to near black. We have even had red mushrooms. And all sizes from little pinheads. Some have had umbrella shaped domes and some have had saucer tops. Maybe in total, I have seen 25 different varieties her on the farm.

Most have looked absolutely delicious – but then I know nothing about mushrooms. I need a course / an expert’ to guide me through the varieties. Please help!!

And does anyone know why so many have appeared this year – is it the absence of frosts, the mild weather?