Relax, unwind, de-stress, chill.

Relaxation at West Withy Farm.
Our guests say that West Withy Farm is the perfect place to relax – get away from it all – unwind – de-stress – chill.

The usual words and phrases our guests use to describe our farm are – tranquil, peaceful, unhurried, green, clean air – it smells so fresh – you can smell the grass, it’s so quiet, it’s so dark.

And that is what we offer – just the song of birds and the sound of running water.

A perfect place to sleep.
Our guests often say – ‘we slept so well’, ‘we retired to bed early – it was so dark’, ‘it was mid morning before we woke’.

Well our mattresses are good and our bed linens are very fresh – we dry linens and towels outside in the air, if possible.

But fresh air, natural sounds and tranquility also help sleep – interspersed with perhaps a little gentle exercise.

Just ask our geese. They have perfected the art of a midday snooze – Spanish siesta style – standing up and on one leg.

We are sure you will sleep well at West Withy Farm. But if you don’t sleep well, perhaps follow the example shown by our geese. Our geese are expert at ‘chilling’