Exmoor – Stargazing facilities

Permanent tripod base for telescopes.

Telescope on Tripod at West Withy Farm

Exmoor stargazing facilities.
Exmoor is Europe’s first Dark Sky Reserve. But successful stargazing needs more than just ‘dark skies’. Stargazing also needs uninterrupted, all round visibility to horizon.

Many astronomers are staying in the cottages at West Withy Farm on the eastern side of Exmoor and bringing their own scopes to take advantage of both Exmoor’s Dark Skies and the excellent all round visibility – to horizon – offerred for scope ‘pads’ in the farm’s grounds.

This photo shows Paul’s set up with his scope on tripod. Permanent concrete slabs have been installed in the farm’s grounds to allow firm tripod siting resulting in a stable scope and image.

Astro photography on Exmoor.
Paul’s own major interest is in astro photography and he took some amazing photos of distant galaxies during his stay here. We will publish his photos in the near future.

Some of the best times for stargazing are during the winter months when the skies become dark early in the evening. Choose dates when the moon is near ‘new’ and when the atmosphere has low moisture – ‘i.e. a period of high pressure’.

Our cottages still have some availability for November and December and short breaks are available during this period.