True love? at Exmoor self catering cottage.

Our hens Josephine and Gigi grooming

Our hens, Josephine and Gigi grooming feathers.

So what would you do for your significant other?  Would it be – ‘true love’ or ‘look after yourself’?  And would each have the same interpretation of the same action?

And how would you approach the subject?

Perhaps this – Gigi (our cockerel) to Josephine yesterday.  Hey Jo, are you good?  beautiful day today.  Just been doing some grooming – a chap like me needs to keep all his feathers in good condition.  I’ve finished the front end, done my neck and wings, tummy and back were a bit more tricky, but I managed.  Can’t quite reach to the bit at the back – getting older – not so flexible.  Would you help?

Well, you would be wrong!!

It was Jo to Gigi.  ‘Hey Gigi, can I peck around at your back – I know you find it difficult to clean your feathers there’.  Jo to herself ‘and that’s where all the tastiest bits of insects are’.  ‘I’m just doing this for you, you know, darling Gigi!!’

‘Hey, thanks Jo, you’re so kind’ – Gigi to himself – ‘That’s true love!’

Jo to herself – ‘Easy snack, really’!!