Mystery ducks at Exmoor self catering cottage

Ducks on West Withy Farm lake

Ducks on West Withy Farm lake

These ducks have been seen on the lake at West Withy Farm for the last 10 days.  We see them swimming on our lake first thing in the morning.  They are easily spooked by the slightest noise – like the sound of a camera shutter – at 30 meters.  Each morning, there is just one opportunity for a photo so it has not been easy to make a clear identification.  Once spooked, they fly off low and are usually hidden in flight by trees and hedges.


I would appreciate help identifying them – they are quite a bit larger than wild mallard – we have between 7 and 9 mallard on our lake at the moment.  They look like male and female Goosanders.  I think I can just make out the hooked beak on the photographs.  They also seem to dive underwater to catch fish.

If they are Goosander, then they represent more serious competition for Bill and our other angling guests who are already in competition with our kingfisher.

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