Bradt prize winners enjoy Exmoor ‘sky tour’ with Seb Jay.

Bradt – publishers of the Slow Guide series of travel books, held a competition as part of the launch of  the  new edition of Slow Guide to North Devon and Exmoor.

The competition involved writing an article entitled – ‘My perfect day in North Devon and Exmoor’.

Winners of the Bradt competition – the Holland McGhee family – enjoyed a week’s stay at West Withy Farm and a ‘skytour’ with Seb Jay as their prize.

The skytour was the highlight of their holiday as first Morris (11) and then Leon (9) explained.

Morris wrote.

When we were on holiday, we had a star talk with Seb.  It was great,  I loved it.  I learned so much.  He had the biggest telescope I had ever seen.  He showed us the North Star – where it was.

Leon added.

On Monday night, a man called Seb came and put a telescope in our garden (at West Withy Farm) and gave us a talk about stars.

First of all, Seb showed us the moon.  He had zoomed up on the moon by using a magnified lens.

We then moved to Orion, who was right next to the moon on that night.  The star on Orion’s right shoulder (called Beetlejuice) is now becoming very old which is why it is becoming an orange colour.  When a star dies, it leaves behind a Black Hole.

Astronomers don’t know how many Black Holes are out there today.

I learned so much that night.  I really enjoyed Seb’s talk.  It was fantastic.