Key Exmoor 2016 stargazing events for novice astronomers.

Opportunities on Exmoor for novice stargazers to build experience?        

2016 Exmoor Stargazing Calendar Event Comment
December 2015,    February 2016    April 2016 International Space Station in Exmoor evening sky British astronaut, Tim Peake goes to ISS mid December.
Early/Mid January    Early/Mid February Winter Milky Way  Exceptional from Exmoor.
March Jupiter in evening sky Very accessible.  Jupiter moons for easy ‘verification’.
11-20 March British Science Week Not yet sure of programme.
w/c 4 April (?need to check dates) International Dark Skies Week Not yet sure of programme.
Monday 9 May  12 noon to 7pm. Mercury transits across face of Sun Very accessible.  Easy ‘verification’.
Sat. 11 – Tues.14 June. About 9.30pm. onwards Jupiter, Mars and Saturn with crescent moon in summer evening twilight Summer Twilight Planets.  Very easy ‘verification’ of Saturn and Jupiter.
12-13 August Perseids Meteor Shower Easy verification.
14 November 2016 Supermoon The moon at its biggest and closest point to Earth during 2016
Tuesday 13 December Geminids Meteor Shower Second best display of shooting stars (after the Perseids Shower)


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