West Withy Farm telescopes at Dunster by Candlelight

Again this year, the West Withy Farm telescopes will be with Seb Jay at Dunster by Candlelight.  In 2014, the moon dominated the night sky for Candlelight, illuminating Dunster Castle and thrilling over 500 Candlelight visitors who took the opportunity to look at the moon through the two telescopes set up in Dunster Village Garden.

For 2015, Seb Jay of Dark Sky Telescope Hire says the focus will be on individual stars and star clusters – (there are thousands more stars to be seen on Exmoor than from most UK towns) – perhaps even the International Space Station will put in a brief appearance on the night.

The telescopes will be set up on Saturday 05 December 2015, again in Dunster Village Garden, close to St George’s Parish Church.  There is no charge for viewing through the telescopes but we do ask that you give generously again into our ‘Black Hole’ bucket.  This ‘black hole’ is unique in our entire known Universe.  It allows ‘matter out – as well as sucking matter in’.  Last year, your donations, totalling £37, were handed over to St. Margaret’s Hospice.

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